This extraordinary theatre is a place where people with different disabilities find their unique artistic expression through performing about 100 performances a season. The emphasis of this artistic work is laid on acting, performative dance, performance, musical events and fine arts. This theater has become one of the most renowned stages for inclusive theater, in Germany and internationally. Its founding aim was to not keep people with disabilities hidden, and instead to foster their artistic expression, to establish an ensemble and a repertoire and to put them in the spotlight. This concept was revolutionary at the time of its founding and is still very much at the avant-garde of theater today. The current management is taking this idea further by consciously confronting current socially relevant issues. The aim is to create a theatre that is accessible, humane, entertaining and addictive. A place that is open to all forms of art and always allows its actors’ unique view and expression to shine. At the heart of the theater are the 35 actors and their humor, energy and special passion, which enrich every classical play and every contemporary text immensely and make it their very own.

Management & Staff

Artistic Director & Managing Director
Jacob Höhne
Assistant to the Managing Director
Tatjana Tietz
Head of the Artistic Operations Office (KBB), Deputy Director of Artistic
Sarah Thielen
Head of Concept & Adaptation
Juliane Koepp
Program for Inclusive Artistic Practice
Joy von Wienskowski
Head of Communication
Nora Linnemann
Online Communication
Phillip Zwanzig
Production Manager
Friederike Dötsch
Theater & School
Lillian Bocksch, Sascha Vajnstajn
Til Roller
Head of the Costume Design & Make-up department
Beatrix Brandler
Assistance with Costume Design & Make-up
Dorothee Kutz
Theatrical Tailoring
Juan Antonio Dimateo López
Assistant Directors
Michael Geißelbrecht, Juliane Görtz, Vicki Steinmüller
Acting Coaches
Siegfried Effenberger, Sebastian Rohrbach
Lighting Systems
Andrei Albu, Robert Philipp
Sound Engineering
Mikhail Barabanov, Kevin Sanchez
Video Systems
Marco Casiglieri
Event Technology
Anton Seidlitz, Martin Wolter
Stage Equipment & Systems
Jan Czeschner, Guido Gallwitz, René Keßler, Andreas Maringer
Artist Studio Management
Felix Bork, Shenja Schittkowski
Central Accounting
Dieter Borchers
Project Accounting
Bettina Hertrampf
Facility Cleaning
Peter Konrad
Executive Board
Heinz-Helmut Meyer, Petra Petersen, Gary Smith
Friends of RambaZamba
Meret Becker, Margarita Broich, Kristin Feireiss, Monika Hansen, Siegfried Helias, Dr. Gisela Höhne, Maren Kroymann, Eva Mattes, Marianne Mielke, Ursula Raue, Volker Schlöndorff, André Schmitz, Prof. Dr. Monika Walter, Angela Winkler

Internship & Jobs

On the Stage

Working at the RambaZamba Theater starts with an initial internship in acting – in other words, you will learn how to rehearse and to train your body movements and your voice, and you will also participate in workshops. We absolutely recommend that you attend a performance before beginning an internship, and you should be at least 16 years old if you wish to participate in one. Please send your application via e-mail to Nancy Ludwig: n.ludwig@via-berlin.de


We have no job vacancies at the moment.


We offer internships throughout the year for all aspects of theater work – for example theater direction / concept and adaptation, costume design / theatrical tailoring, technical systems, etc. The minimum internship duration is three months. Please include with your application a cover letter, a resume, your area of interest, your dates of availability, and information on the reason for your internship (e.g. in the context of a training program, in preparation for a career in theater or a related field, or simply your interest in theater). Please send your application via e-mail to Friederike Dötsch: f.doetsch@rambazamba-theater.de

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