Season 2023/24
Season 2022/23
Schwärmen Directed by: Kirsten Burger
EIN SPORTSTÜCK Directed by: Höhne, Glanz, Kuhlmann, Rieck, Strassenberg, Witt
Billy Backe Directed by: Jorinde Dröse
Anwälte der Natur Directed by: Frank Raddatz
Einer flog über das Kuckucksnest Directed by: Leander Haußmann
Season 2021/22
The Rats (Die Ratten) Directed by: Lilja Rupprecht
Golem Directed by: Jacob Höhne
Mujer Directed by: Sara Lu
Season 2020/21
hoffnung#dasdingmitfedern Directed by: Sandra Rasch
Geh, Fühle! - Tanztheater Directed by: Sandra Rasch/Oana Cirpanu
Der  Drache Directed by: Matthias Mosbach
Season 2019/20
Hi Freaks VI Directed by: div.
Hi Freaks V Directed by: div.
Lulu Directed by: Jacob Höhne
Season 2018/19
Directed by: Sandra Rasch
ghostdance Directed by: Andreas Spechtl & Thomas Köck
Don Juan Directed by: Konrad Wolf
Antigone Directed by: Lilja Rupprecht
Hi Freaks I-IV Directed by: div.
Heroes Directed by: Sara Lu, Rubén Nsue
Rausch Royal Directed by: Jacob Höhne
Noises Off! (Der nackte Wahnsinn) Directed by: Jacob Höhne
Season 2017/18
Dekameron Directed by: Thomas Bo Nilsson, Julian Wolf Eicke
Moby Dick Directed by: Jacob Höhne
Die Frauen vom Meer Directed by: Lilja Rupprecht
Die Nibelungen Directed by: Jonas Sippel
Die Räuber Directed by: Jacob Höhne
Pension Schöller Directed by: Jacob Höhne
Season 2016/17
Schwestern Directed by: Jacob Höhne
König UBU featuring Craque Directed by: Jacob Höhne
DADA Divas Directed by: Gisela Höhne
Der gute Mensch von Downtown Directed by: Gisela Höhne
Philoktet Directed by: Jacob Höhne
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Freedom, recognition, love and an independent life: Three sisters encounter each other in the tumbling around within the worlds of different desires. But their dependence on each other keeps them caged in and forces them into confrontation with one another and with themselves. What does it mean to be needed in the kind of way that doesn’t allow any compromises? What about the other extreme, when one’s own life is totally dependent on the other? The striving after integrity, completeness, and freedom breaks familiar patterns. The longing for freedom becomes a demand to the detriment of others. Who or what can satisfy the desires of the three sisters? The identity of the individual disappears in the construct of the nuclear family.

The RambaZamba ensemble, a dancer and musicians search together with director Jacob Höhne for the motivations of such a longing. “It’s quite often that one has such a longing within one’s own self – but one always ends up returning with broken wings, and life goes on as if nothing had ever happened.

With Juliana Götze, Sven Hakenes, Sara Lu, Hieu Pham, Sascha Perthel
Choreography Sara Lu, Jacob Höhne Stage design Jacob Höhne Costume design & make-up Beatrix Brandler Music Stefan Dohanetz, Leo Solter Dramaturgy Kristina Ohmen